You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Hugged a Turkey

“This movie captures marvellously one of our culture’s most misunderstood species. It will change forever how you perceive these gentle, intelligent birds.”

Dr Jonathan Balcombe

“This movie opens our hearts to the presence of these birds as the subjects of their lives. In a meditative way, it allows our preconceptions to melt away as we feel the reality of their beauty, curiosity, intelligence, and unique personalities. A must-see antidote to our culture’s disharmony and diseases.“

Dr Will Tuttle

This beautiful film reveals what so many eyes fail to recognize: the Turkey’s greatness of mind and soul. If, as science confirms, turkeys  share with humans common brain    structure and processes that govern feelings, thinking, and conscience, one wonders why is it that humans torture other animals  and Turkeys never do?

 G.A. Bradshaw Ph.D Ph.D
Executive Director and Founder, The Kerulos Center
author of Elephants on the Edge: What animals can teach humanity (Yale 2009)

 Talking Turkey:  Background to making the Movie!/2012/11/talking-turkey-with-sandra-higgins-of.html


Click here to watch the trailer. (The trailer is a 5 minute version of the full length movie, and can be used as a complete mini-movie).

Full Length Version


The turkeys featured in this movie are residents at Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary. You can contribute towards their care by donating here: