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Vegan Education Programmes

Please enquire if you would like to attend one of our Animal Rights & Vegan Education Programmes. Email: Tel:  353 87 2325832 Veganism: What, Why & How: Eight week programme which includes a brief history of animal rights, the … Continue reading

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Compassionate Eating & Vegan Education Programme: Pollination Grant 2014

Matilda’s Promise is delighted to have received a 2014 Grant from the Pollination Fund at the World Peace Earth Foundation This grant will help to host Vegan Education Classes at Matilda’s Promise. The grant will also fund subsidised … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Compassionate Eating

Make Peace with Food Eat with Compassion for yourself & all of life Stop Dieting Recover the natural wisdom of Intuitive Eating Learn the art of Mindful Eating Learn to distinguish Physical from Emotional hunger Explore Food Myths Evidence based … Continue reading

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Vegan Education Classes

As children we are fed the body parts and secretions of other animals prior to having language and the critical thinking skills necessary to retain our natural empathy and compassion towards others.  Because we are born into a speciesist culture … Continue reading

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Pollination Grant

Matilda’s Promise is deeply grateful to the Pollination Project.  We are honoured to be the first international recipient of a grant to launch the animal rights and vegan educational aspects of our work at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary and the Compassion … Continue reading

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Creative Maladjustment

There are some things in our society, some things in our world, to which we should never be adjusted.  There are some things concerning which we must always be maladjusted if we are to be people of good will. Most … Continue reading

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Is the life of a horse or a pig more worthy than that of a cow?

Traces of pigs and up to 29% of horses have been found to compose the content of burgers on sale in Ireland and the UK.  A lot of money is being lost to the animal foods industries on foot of … Continue reading

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Rodrigo Y Gabriela: Patrons

Matilda’s Promise is delighted to announce that Gabriela Y Rodrigo have become Patrons, offering their support to our work for an end to our oppression of other animals. Rodrigo and Gabriela ( are exceptionally talented musicians, whose unique and energetic … Continue reading

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Somebodies, Not Somethings, Newsletter, Issue 2, Winter 2012

Somebodies, Not Somethings Issue 2 Winter 2012  

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Matilda’s Promise features on The Species Barrier

You can listen to a radio interview featuring Eden, Matilda’s Promise and the movie You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Hugged a Turkey here I was interviewed by Marcus and Ruth Dredge, two vegan, environmentalists who question how we interact … Continue reading

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