Vegan Education Programmes

Please enquire if you would like to attend one of our Animal Rights & Vegan Education Programmes.
Tel:  353 87 2325832

Veganism: What, Why & How: Eight week programme which includes a brief history of animal rights, the rationale for veganism, and practical tips on how to live without using other animals. This is a dynamic and challenging course that includes reading material, films, food preparation and discussion. (Free)

Compassionate Living & The Power of One: Self-Empowerment Workshop on the difference every individual can make to this world and the animals we share it with simply by making ethical lifestyle choices. This workshop is available via Skype and is currrently running in Ireland and the UK.(Free)

Compassionate Mind Training: This course is given in conjunction with The Compassion Foundation of Ireland. It facilitates the enhancement and practice of our innate compassion to enable us live in a way that is compassionate and just to ourselves and others. It is based on the Science of Compassion and its focus is on personal psychology & social justice.(Subsidised places available)

Compassionate Eating: this programme uses the latest evidenced based techniques from the fields of Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training, Intuitive Eating & The Science of Compassion to help people develop a sense of peace with food. It is particularly for people who are struggling with emotional eating, obesity, compulsive overeating or bulimia. It is run in conjunction with The Compassion Foundation of Ireland. (subsidised places available).

Residential Programme:  we offer a limited number of residential places at Eden for people who want to learn how to be vegan, to work with rescued animals at a vegan sanctuary, and learn more about becoming activists who are staunch in their ethical values and their wish for complete cessation of all animal use. Please check out this video of Clara’s Experience of this programme.

Lectures & Workshops: Please contact us for speaking engagements.

Go Vegan Ireland: Please check out the extensive range of educational resources on the Go Vegan Ireland website.

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