Vegan Education Classes


As children we are fed the body parts and secretions of other animals prior to having language and the critical thinking skills necessary to retain our natural empathy and compassion towards others.  Because we are born into a speciesist culture many of us only become aware of the harm we inflict on other animals in adulthood. Most people, when they become conscious of the harm that our human lives and diets inflict on sentient other animals, and on the humans who work in animal agriculture and in slaughterhouses, would like to stop harming others.   As our empathy is reawakened we are offered the opportunity to connect with other animals and to realise the interconnected nature of life.

The most important obstacle to living a life that respects and grants justice to others is lack of awareness of the issues facing other animals and lack of practical knowledge about how to eat and live in a way the inflicts the least harm and does the most good for others.

Matilda’s Promise offers Vegan Education classes to help overcome this obstacle.  Classes offer a combination of information on the sentience of and the lives of the animals used for food, clothing, entertainment and research; practical information on vegan living including health and nutrition, shopping, reading labels, and cooking.  We will share a vegan meal or snack at every class along with ideas, information, readings from pertinent books and film screenings.

Please contact us at 0872325832 to book your place on one of our six week programmes.

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